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I ACKNOWLEDGE the product I am PURCHASING is a DIGITAL  PRODUCT that gives me INSTANT access.

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If I have any QUESTIONS or NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE, I will CONTACT Kimberly to help resolve my matter. 

Furthermore, I ACKNOWLEDGE the NO REFUND POLICY implemented from the TERMS & CONDITIONS stated on the Private Label Rights Email Processing System website (

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As a member, you get paid $25 for each email you process.  That's a 100% commission.  Your cost is a one-time $25 fee paid directly to your sponsor, there are NO admin fees.  In turn, the people who respond to your ads will pay you directly.  Because you will be given INSTANT access to the instructions and pre-written ads, we have a NO REFUND POLICY.  If you are not sure if you want to join or for any reason if you are not comfortable due to this policy, we suggest that you wait until you are sure because we have a very strict NO REFUND policy.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and it's potential.  This is not a "get-rich-quick" opportunity, but it is a legitimate way to create an extra income from your home.  You'll be amazed at how with some real effort you can see real results, but it's up to you to take the necessary action.  You will be given step-by-step instructions.  If followed EXACTLY, you can make a very nice income.  Any earnings or income statements & income examples are only estimates of what we think you could earn.  There is no assurance you'll do as well.  We are a long-term business, our minimal effort system is designed to change your life for many years, use it correctly and it will.


If you have questions, didn't receive your PLR email processing digital package within 48 hours or wish to pay with bitcoin please email at [email protected]

Responses to emails will be between 24-72 hours please be patient not everyone is on the same time zones.

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